E-mail marketing enables reaching the clients widely and at low cost by providing the message to the profiled group of recipients efficiently. Our company has at its disposal:

  • millions of sources of data on active web users
  • possibility to select the target group on the basis of a wide variety of criteria (e.g. age, gender, place of residence, interest in specific products or field confirmed by network traffic)
  • possibility to provide our message by reaching profiled groups overnight (24h implementation)
  • detailed reports from the executed campaigns available up to date
  • expert and certified e-mailing systems for bulk mailing
  • tools and anti-spam tests

Benefits of co-operation with Schober Polska:

  • access to millions of databases on active web users in one place
  • simplification of the campaign execution process
  • consulting in the field of mailing creative, communication, selection of target groups
  • attractive CPM rates
  • possibility to execute wide-reaching campaigns overnight

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