PromoPost Direct

PromoPost Direct

PromoPost Direct means a new opportunity to reach the specified, interesting groups of prospect customers under very attractive terms. The clients have the possibility for selection of their target group on the basis of the profiling criteria among information on 37 million people in Poland, included in the Schober Geo MarketBase® data set:

  • age
  • gender
  • number, ages and sex of persons in the household
  • purchase power index
  • income range
  • location
  • city size
  • region
  • province (województwo)
  • type of building (single-family house vs. multi-family building)

Benefits of co-operation with Schober Polska

  • precise targeting possibilities
  • reaching individuals non-accessible in traditional databases
  • savings in direct mail budgets
  • a few time higher response levels than in the case of unaddressed mailings
  • attractive alternative for companies using press inserts as a marketing medium
  • no risks related to personal data processing
  • non-invasive, convenient, legible and user-friendly medium
  • nationwide coverage
  • possibility for target groups’ selection from a data set containing information on 37 mln Poles (!)

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