Analyses and segmentation

Analyses and segmentation

Thanks to our many years’ experience in the field of managing and processing data as well as access to the vast resources and tools we are able to render analytical services, such as:

  • customer segmentation
  • analyses of clients’ data (ABC, RFM, churn, LTV)
  • data enhancement
  • data hygiene
  • creating client’s profiles
  • data quality audits
  • response analysis

Benefits of co-operation with Schober Polska:

  • identification of quality and the needs in own resources
  • gathering information on clients in continuous
  • optimization of marketing operations matched to the distinctive client segments
  • reduced marketing costs
  • optimising the effectiveness of campaigns
  • increase of sales
  • own data enrichment
  • guarantee of reliability and security resulting from the 70-year experience of the Schober Group

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