Data hygiene

Data hygiene

Deduplication, cleansing and standardization

We offer complex cleansing, standardization and deduplication of our clients’ databases. On the basis of the report you will initially receive you will learn which operations may improve the quality of your own data and what the benefits are thereof. We provide, inter alia:

  • deduplication with internal and external databases
  • standardization according to own term bases and official data standards
  • cleansing databases according to the Schober’s highest quality standards
  • checking the conformity of data provided with the current data
  • consolidation of data recording according to the assumed schemes
  • analysis of and reporting database structure
  • data enhancement

Benefits of co-operation with Schober Polska:

  • consolidation of data recording in the database
  • improvement of efficiency of operations with the use of data
  • reduced costs
  • branding-related benefits
  • enabling and enhancing the process of extending and binding data as well as acquiring external databases
  • access to expert tools and know-how
  • guarantee of reliability and security resulting from the 70-year experience of the Schober Group

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