Listbroking and list management

Listbroking and list management

Listbroking and list management are designed for the owners of large and valuable databases. We provide an easy, safe and legal method to recover money invested in the development of their own database and raise additional budget for a list owner.  We offer:

  • safe and complex management of a data sets
  • effective acquisition of clients interested in data use
  • taking over responsibility for data protection issues (technical and legal)
  • management of the process of updating, archiving and entrusting data
  • development of analysis and selection on the basis of orders and according to the administrator’s demands (e.g. for marketing, sales and analysis departments)
  • management of complaints and withdrawals concerning data processing

Benefits of co-operation with Schober Polska:

  • transferring responsibilities in the field of data processing to a specialized entity
  • generating income from rental of databases thanks to Schober’s brokerage activities
  • simplifying the procedures for processing and granting access to data
  • possibility of updating own data
  • reduced costs stemming from the use of outsourcing
  • improvement of information security

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